An Aggie education

by Katie on December 12, 2011

Well, I’m not going to get into how bummed Brandon and I both are this afternoon that we’re joining each other in the office right now.

…Oh wait, guess I just did.

I should clarify it has nothing to do with the company – that’s the only positive outcome of today’s rain, especially since enjoying each other’s company has been few and far between as we’ve been cranking around here trying to get a cotton field turned over into wheat…before said rainstorm.

And we almost made it. After taking over for Brandon early this morning (who started planting at 11 last night and ran the thing all night long), I was 18 passes away from having a full field planted when my grain drill wheels started collecting too much mud to push the seed into the ground (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, probably because I have explained it so poorly, just trust me).

So anyway, we’re bummed.

But none of that (or our “bummed” state for that matter) has anything to do with how I put my (very expensive) Aggie education to use this morning.

You see, right before I could fully take over and get going on the grain drill, it needed a seed refill. So I was on the giant trailer, frantically (we were in a hurry, trying to beat the rain) pulling bags of seed off pallets and handing them to Brandon and one of our employees to empty into the grain drill.

We had the thing about half full, when I looked down at the bags I was pulling off the pallets, and read in big, maroon (how fitting) letters:  “BARLEY SEED”.

And I about flipped a lid on that trailer. We were planting wheat.

“Brandon! Stop!” I screamed, all in a tizzy, “These bags say ‘Barley Seed’! We’re planting wheat! What do we do?!” Sidebar:  Why I felt it was necessary to tell Brandon, who makes our crop plan, what we were planting, I do not know.

But he just simply, and very calmly, rolled his eyes a bit before saying, “Katie, just keep handing me the bags.”

Which confused the heck out of me. I stood there, dumbfounded, trying to process all this for half a second.

“You can’t read,” he finally said, “It says, ‘Barkley Seed’. Now can I have another bag, please?”

And then, under his breath, he muttered, “Totally blogworthy.”

So there you have it, folks. Where an Aggie education gets you in the wee morning, dimly lit, hours on the farm.

[By the way, I assure you I am fully literate. We all skip letters sometimes, right? Right?]


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