The girl who forgot the green chilies

by Katie on November 10, 2011

We went hunting this past weekend (more on that later) down south with some good friends we don’t see near often enough. Of course, I solely held all food preparation and packing responsibilities.

Let’s just say I take those responsibilities very seriously.

First, I planned what we would prepare for the two supper meals we were in charge of, then I listed everything I needed to make ahead of time. Then, I created my packing list with every single item we would need to pack in the camper, and finally, from the food preparation and packing lists, I made my grocery list.

The day we left, I made two apple crisp-like things and an apple pie (only planning on taking one of these; the others were going in the freezer), 12 breakfast burritos (six each, so we only had to warm them in the mornings, made a pot of beans for one of our meals, and trimmed and marinated steaks and pre-baked potatoes for the other.

When it came time to load everything, I took each item out one by one, and checked it off my packing list. Pretty prepared, right? I thought I was on top of my game.

…Then we got two hours down the road, and Brandon began quizzing me on what all we had food-wise for our trip. After describing the two supper meals I had planned, and all the fixin’s to go with them, he said, “And you brought the green chilies, right?”

And I just deflated right there. I instantly remembered realizing at some point in my running around that I had forgotten to list the green chilies – perhaps the most important food item on a hunting trip – on my packing list. I reminded myself several times throughout the day to add them, but always got sidetracked before it happened. And now, here we were, headed off hunting, with no green chilies. Fail.

Several hours later, as we were nearing camp, Brandon asked if I had remembered the “lunch burritos” from the freezer that I had made and frozen a while back from some leftover roast, specifically for this trip.

With an already regained sense of confidence, I just looked at him blankly, and blurted, “Who do you think you’re talking to?”

“Uh, the girl who forgot the green chilies.”



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