Signs of adulthood: Cracker Barrel dates

by Katie on November 12, 2011

The day we returned from our coues deer hunting expedition, we both spent an afternoon playing catchup around the farm. (You know, that livelihood/business we run when we’re not off in the mountains chasing deer and bears in the fall.)

For Brandon, this meant making the rounds and figuring out what all our guys didn’t get done while we were away and attending an important business meeting. For me, this meant updating the books, trips to the bank and post office, going through paperwork that had accumulated on my desk, and otherwise regaining order in our lives.

While we were freezing down south, getting hailed and snowed on on top of a mountain, a cool front had also blown into Phoenix. So, headed home from my errands in a sweater and my favorite blue jeans, I decided Cracker Barrel would make a nice supper. Not just because it’s the only sit-down restaurant near our house, but because to me, it’s only appropriate to eat Cracker Barrel when it’s cool out and you just feel like some down-home, warm, hearty comfort food.

Brandon whole-heartedly agreed it was indeed a Cracker Barrel supper kind of day.

So off we went…

On a hot date, to Cracker Barrel, at 5:30pm on a weeknight.

And that was when I officially realized what being married to a 30-year-old was doing to me.


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