Bear down

by Katie on November 11, 2011

Before we could find a single coues deer last weekend, our first full day of hunting was filled with bear sightings. Between the two couples we had out, we saw four different bears.

The first one we saw was only halfway through our hike to a mountain top. It was a small black bear, making his way down the mountain. We watched him at less than 200 yards until he disappeared in the brush.

Then, mid-day, after glassing the same mountainside for who knows how many hours, a giant cinnamon bear appeared from the brush. That’s how thick the oak, juniper and manzanita brush was where we were glassing…we didn’t know a bear was there.

We first spotted him at around 350 yards, but he soon made his way into the 200-yard range, where we watched him climb his way to the very top of a juniper tree. Made for an exciting day, even if we were looking for deer.

The branch would break if I climbed it, but it holds a bear

hungry bear

All the way to the tip top...

love me some juniper berries...

Sadly, bear season had already closed in this unit, and we only had coues deer tags in our pockets…


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