A man’s version of steam cleaning

by Katie on November 23, 2011

Brandon took it upon himself to cook a big ole batch of breakfast burritos last night. Which was a nice change of pace around here. Not only did he cook for himself, but he also went to the grocery store to fetch his own ingredients. Without asking for directions to the store. He even picked up the handful of things I needed for my Thanksgiving dishes.

And I better stop right there to make sure his head will still fit through our door.

Anyway, the breakfast burritos. So there he was, cooking away, with a potato-onion skillet, sausage and chorizo sizzling. He decides everything is ready to pile into tortillas with cheese, and he no longer needs the skillet lids he’d been using.

So what does he do?

Puts them in the pots and pans cabinet.

Y’all. I am not even kidding.

Of course, I retrieved the skillet lids from the cabinet, and informed him I would wash them later.

“I already did,” he said.

“Brandon, you were cooking with them. They’re dirty. They can’t just be put away.”

“It’s called steam cleaning. You should try it.”

Oh my…


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