Wherein the truth comes out

by Katie on October 3, 2011

Brandon had some leftover Gatorade from the big antelope hunt (and yes, this is the last time it will be mentioned, promise), which worked out to be a great thing when we packed a cooler to head over to Globe for him to judge the Gila County Fair. Boy loves his Gatorade.

As he was downing the last bit of a fruit punch Gatorade on our way back, he looked over, all refreshed, and said, “That red Gatorade sure is good.”

Which took me by surprise, to say the least.

“Really?” I asked, “I was actually kind of nervous about buying the variety pack this time, instead of nearly all orange ones.”

“Really,” he said. “In fact, it may be the best one.”

I may have gasped right there.

He continued, “I think I’ve just been in denial, telling myself the orange one is the best, because it should be, because all orange things are the best. And admitting I really liked red Gatorade…just seemed a little fruity.”

“So here it is, the truth finally comes out? You like fruity Gatorade?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Because apparently, even though “orange” is a fruit, orange Gatorade isn’t “fruity”. But red Gatorade somehow jeopardizes your man card. I may never understand my husband…but I will always be entertained by him.


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