The Leister laws of attraction

by Katie on October 21, 2011

As the offering plate was being passed in church last Sunday evening, Brandon leaned over and whispered, “We’re stopping at Whataburger on the way home.”

“Really? You’re hungry?” I asked. Because I had made us sandwiches as we were walking out the door for church. So I could understand why he may want a little something more to eat before the evening was over, but not quite how he could actually feel hungry less than an hour later.

“Yeah, I’m hungry. I’m thinking a burger and a strawberry shake,” he said.

I made a painful face. Hamburgers and strawberry shakes speak straight to my heart. But I’d already had a small sandwich. I was at a crossroads.

Practically reading my mind, Brandon said, “It’s okay, I’ll share my shake with you.”

“Thanks,” I resigned. “But is it bad the burger sounds better to me? When I just ate a little sandwich?”

And he laughed…

“Is it weird that that made me find you really attractive?” he finally asked.

What can I say? I guess there’s no hiding food is the love language at our house, no matter who’s eating it.

[In case you’re curious, we shared the shake, and split the burger into thirds, although Brandon would argue he didn’t get his full two-thirds we agreed upon beforehand.]


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