The cobbler conflict

by Katie on October 5, 2011

So, last week, we got a packing box full of peaches from one of Brandon’s dad’s hay customers (good to be part of the family, I tell you what).

We’ve been making a steady dent in them, with Brandon probably averaging three peaches per day, and planned to start freezing some. I had also made the mistake of mentioning I would probably make a couple desserts with them as well.

Now, Brandon may forget if he brushed his teeth on any given morning, but mention the possibility of dessert? Consider it engraved.

The whole peach dessert promise was brought up last night, so when I got up this morning, I gathered my recipe and the ingredients. When Brandon walked into the kitchen this morning, still in a sleep daze, he found me peeling peaches.

The recipe I was using made a smaller-than-normal cobbler (i.e., not in your standard giant 13×9 pan), but still more-than-enough for our household of two. I was making two cobblers:  one to eat, one to freeze. The recipe called for two cups of fruit per cobbler, which seemed like more than enough given the size of the pan used.

I held up a full two-cups of cut peaches to Brandon, and said, “Think that’s enough for one cobbler?”

“Huh,” he said, “No.”

“Really? Looks like plenty to me for the cobbler size I’m making.”

“So…why aren’t you making a Brandon-size cobbler then?”

“Brandon, we’re two people,” I reminded him. “What do you think would happen if I made a Brandon-size cobbler instead of a reasonably-sized cobbler?”

To which he immediately, and seriously, replied, “I would eat it in two days instead of just one.”


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