Man, going on boy

by Katie on October 14, 2011

Last night, we were leaving a quiet little birthday dinner for a friend, attended by us, his little family, and a few extended family members. So, like I said, quiet.

We end up to be first leaving the parking area, which was just alongside the road (the restaurant had a little patio-type area right along a small, neighborhood-type street).

So, we had to drive right by everyone else, still at the patio gate. Of course, the whole time we’re driving along this little street, Brandon is making little “revs” on the engine with the gas pedal. Which was annoying enough. Something you would figure would be out of his system by the ripe age of 30, anyway.

But it wasn’t quite good enough for him.

Right past the patio, we had to turn to head home. As we made the turn, Brandon just let loose and punched the gas.

“Brandon! Really? This is a 25 mile-per-hour street.”

“And that’s what I’m going…Now.”

“Well, really? Was that necessary? 14-year-old boys do things like that.”

“And I have a cummins. I feel 14.”

Then he lowered his voice a full octave for effect, and without missing a beat, added, “Like a man, though.”


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