A seventies child

by Katie on October 31, 2011

I got braces last week.

In case you’ve ever wondered how much fun adult braces are, they’re about as fun as they sound.

Especially when you have a husband who gives you a hard time about them all. The. Time.

But none of that is the point.

On Day Two of my adventure with braces, Brandon was ready for bed, but I was, in his words, “taking my sweet time” in the bathroom. I let him know all I needed to do was floss, then I would join him.

“Floss?” he asked. “You have braces now. You can’t floss.”

“What are you talking about? Yes I can. It’s even more important now.”

“Katie,” he started, sounding rather patronizing, “How exactly do you plan to get the floss through your teeth?”

“Brandon,” I retaliated, “Do you not remember floss starters from when you had braces? I had them before. They gave me some yesterday.”

“Floss starters? Seriously? What in the world is that?”

So I showed him my floss starters and explained how they work.

“Did you really not have these when you had braces before?” I asked.

“Katie, I had braces in, like, the seventies.”


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