Welcome to prison

by Katie on August 15, 2011

Here lately, we’ve both been talking some about making some little changes to the “nutrition” aspect of our lives. It may or may not have to do with the impending hunting season. We’ll let anyone who knows us make the call on that.

All our talk pretty much came to a head a few days ago when we realized that “Oh my goodness, hunting season is practically here and you’ve been sitting on the hay baler, and I’ve been sitting on the hay hauler all summer, and no way can either of us make it up a mountain without passing clean out.”

You could say that pretty well sums up the thought process. The one in my head anyway. Brandon’s was probably a little more direct.

So, being as I am in charge of the “nutrition” of this house, I brought it up to him Friday night.

“Hey, so, what do you think–would it be okay with you if we ate a little healthier around here for a little while?”

“Ummm, what are we talking about here?” Brandon asked, deeply concerned.

“Nothing drastic, and only for a little while, but things like when we have chicken, instead of chicken parmesan, maybe we can just grill it. And have veggies with it. And when we eat elk steaks, instead of smothering them in cheese and wrapping them in a tortilla, or frying them and covering them in gravy, we can just have, well…elk steaks.”

“Oh,” he said, “So, prison.”

“Well, if you think they serve grilled chicken and elk steaks in prison, then I guess so.”

“Sounds like prison to me.”


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