The one thing that survived

by Katie on August 5, 2011

We had an insane outbreak of flies in June. So bad, I was almost convinced we were experiencing a modern-day plague. There were no less than 15 flies buzzing around our heads – inside, mind you – at any given moment of any given day.

Annoying, to say the least. And slightly unsanitary.

So, on a mission I went.

Every time I was in the kitchen (which seemed to be their favorite place to hang out), I was swinging at flies left and right, determined to get every last one of them. Even though every time it seemed I got “the last one”, five more would appear. Out of nowhere, y’all.

I am certain I looked like a mad woman on these fly-killing sprees. Fresh in from hauling hay, in my “work clothes” (aka, “Katie-looks-like-a-man”), bare feet, chasing flies around our kitchen island, telling them how worthless they were, celebrating when one dropped dead on the floor, and, here’s the real kicker…wielding a decade-old fly swatter (the kind my MeMe used to threaten to spank us with, but never did), held together by electrical tape.

I mean, you know you’re hard up when you can’t even use duct tape.

Now, it is well-known by now that my house is a former bachelor pad. As in, a wall of empty crown bottles, a barrel trash can in the middle of the kitchen, poster of scantily-clad women with guns in what should have been a pantry, inhabited by three young men. Straight-up bachelor pad if there ever was one.

This fly swatter was from the bachelor pad days. Hence, it’s condition.

Brandon witnessed the whole fly-killing debacle one day, and before leaving the room, just looked at me and said, “Seriously? Of all the things you got rid of from the man days of this house, THAT is the one thing that survived?”

Here she is, after killing the 700 flies that chose to occupy our home:

Fly swatter

I think we can get a new one now.


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