Put an arrow in it

by Katie on August 29, 2011

That statement right there?

Is what I now here every time I go out to shoot my bow. Which is, of course, every day, now that we’ve closed the gap on my hunt to less than one month.

I think it’s just Brandon’s way of keeping me humble, and reminding me what happens when I start to get the slightest bit of “edge” about me.

But still. Necessary? I think not.

Because after you’ve dry-fired once, and suffered through that embarrassment, you do everything to make sure it never happens again. I have now added an “Arrow in? …Check.” line item to my mental checklist when preparing for a shot.

But just in case, Brandon is dead set on reminding me himself as I step out the door, with some variation of, “Put an arrow in it, my little huntress!”

And while the “my little huntress” tagline may sound like a compliment, or it’s being spoken with fondness, it’s really more of what I would label as mocking.

I can’t really say I wouldn’t do the same thing if the tables were turned.

Now, I’m off to put an arrow in it…


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