Like a princess

by Katie on August 16, 2011

Yesterday morning, when the time came for me to haul hay, we decided I would catch a ride over to my hay truck with Brandon. He had just woken up from his post-baling-all-night nap, and I had just finished my post-workout snack, ready to clean up and get the “outside” portion of my day started.

Of course, once when we decided this, he was ready to go fifteen minutes ago. So I hopped in the shower and began scurrying about getting myself ready to walk out the door.

Just as I was finishing up, from his perch on the bed, Brandon said the following:  “You take too long to get ready. Like a princess or something.”*

Y’all, I had showered (After a four-mile run, dumbbells and bow shooting, mind you. It was necessary. And I didn’t even wash my hair.), brushed my teeth and hair, applied moisturizer, mascara and chapstick.

That’s about half a step above basic hygiene.

Granted, half a step Brandon doesn’t take. But still. Non-princess status for sure.

Oh, if he only knew what he could be dealing with…

*I should add that he wasn’t really complaining, more just giving me a hard time. Because that’s what we do here.


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