Date night on the farm

by Katie on August 9, 2011

As soon as we finished supper last night, Brandon requested my assistance measuring and marking an area where we’re going to put in a hay pad, for stacking and tarping, since our barn is already full.

Sure, no problem.

Then, as we were on our way out the door, I overhear him telling his dad we’re headed ten minutes down the road to check some hay afterward. Normally, I would be along for the ride, no question. But it was going to be dark soon, our dogs would need to be penned up before they went off finding chickens next door, and I might as well have left the kitchen taped off as a disaster area. Which goes against everything I stand for. If there’s anything I detest, it’s waking up to a dirty kitchen, and this one was beyond dirty.

When we got in the truck and he was off the phone, I put in a little protest.

“So, we’re going to check hay now too?”


“Both of us?”


“Any way you can bring me back first?”

“Why? This is date night.”

“Oh. It is? …That’s nice, it’s just that…the kitchen is kind of a danger zone. I can’t go back and clean it up?”

“No. This is date night.”

What a lucky girl I am! I mean, I guess there were going to be stakes involved. (Not steaks.)

(That may have been a bit sarcastic. But really, I am a lucky girl.)

What kind of girl puts up a protest when her husband insists upon spending time with her, anyway?


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