The day Aaron Watson read our blog

by Katie on July 15, 2011

Once in a blue moon, we are lucky enough to get an Aaron Watson concert out West. These concerts, and the occasional elk tag, are the only things we shuffle farm work around to make happen.

The last time he came to town was the beginning of June, just a couple days before our anniversary. (Thanks to him for playing our wedding song, by the way – first time it’s been included in the set in a while, and convenient that it was a mere three days prior to our third anniversary.)

Of course, we went. And of course, we went up to say hello after the concert.

Since his Arizona concerts are, let’s say, less well attended than the Texas ones, and we have been to every one of them the past four years, he really does recognize us out here. I am convinced if we showed up at a Texas concert, he would not, since there would be a larger crowd and our attendance is associated with Arizona. But really. Out here, he recognizes us.

The past few times he’s come out, I’ve tweeted something about the farm work we’re finishing up before we “go honky tonkin’ with @aaron_watson“, which then shows up in his Twitter feed. To which he usually responds, as he does most everyone who “mentions” him or his music in a tweet. This has taken place at least the last three times he has played here. No big deal, right?

Well, anyway, we’re the first to walk up and greet him when he gets out to the merchandise booth, mostly because it’s well past our bedtime and we still have an hour drive home, and as we’re approaching him, he says, “Hey, I read your blog today! You’re a good writer.”

Now, my Twitter profile does include a link to But never did I think Aaron Watson would click that link.

We went about chatting about the concert, the farm, his kids, etc. All the while, I was playing it cool, like, “Aaron Watson read my blog, of course he did, so is life.” But inside, I was beaming. Brandon knew it. As soon as we walked away, he asked if I had recovered yet.

The next morning, as my phone was blowing up with replies to the text messages I had sent out to my fellow Aaron Watson fan friends and family, informing them he had told us he read our blog, Brandon got up and started his morning routine on the computer:  gmail,, cotton market boards, the blog.

“Hey, Katie…did you happen to think about what posts were on the first page of the blog when Aaron Watson read it yesterday?”

It had been several days since I had posted anything, and it certainly hadn’t crossed my mind to worry about what might be on there. I mean, usually it’s just about some farming incident or innocent little banter between the two of us.

“Uhhh, you might want to check it out…”

So I pulled up the page to see what he was talking about.

Y’all, the second post on the page was this:  Becoming a woman. The one where my rear-end knocks over a water glass.

I just put my head on my desk and yelled, “NOOOOO!”

I mean, talk about embarrassing. The one day Aaron Watson read some of my blog was the day it talked about my butt.

One shining moment, shattered.

At least he thinks I wrote about it well. Right?


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