Sleeveless jackets

by Katie on July 19, 2011

My kid brother is in town this week and next, and we’re having a lot of fun with him, even though we’re in the trenches of another hay cutting right now and have all three of us up to our eyeballs in farm work.

Let’s just say Mason has a way of keeping things light-hearted.

We’re hoping to escape for a few days next week to cooler country, and I had instructed Mason to pack appropriately for this, in case we actually do get to go.

The night he got here, Brandon and I were talking to him, and I double-checked with him to make sure he packed some sort of light jacket for our trip.

Mason:  “I brought a sweatshirt.”

Katie:  “Good. Perfect.”

Mason:  “I brought my Carharrt jacket without sleeves too. It’s all I got.”

Katie, puzzled:  “Your jacket without sleeves? What? How did your jacket lose it sleeves?”

Brandon, slightly more insightful:  “Mason, are you talking about a vest?”

Mason:  “I guess so. I don’t know. It’s my Carharrt without sleeves. So that’s what I call it.”

Brandon:  “I’m pretty sure you’re talking about a vest.”

Katie:  falling off the couch laughing about the fact her baby brother just called his outdoor vest a “jacket without sleeves”.

So, anyway, no shortage of entertainment around here this week.


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