Wedding day dramas and dilemmas

by Katie on June 10, 2011

In lieu of our anniversary a few days ago, I thought it would be a good time to rehash a few things from our wedding day that are either a)comical b)just something I want to remember.

Forgotten flowers

My bridesmaids and I had picked up the few flowers ordered for use in the wedding on our way back to the swamp from getting our nails done up that morning. We then proceeded to leave the box of boutonnieres for all the guys in the fridge at the lodge where we were all staying. We had to send my cousin on a thirty minute round trip to pick them up. Half an hour before I was supposed to walk down the aisle.

Missing MeMe

As soon as I heard the flowers had arrived, I usher all my girls out into the hallway to get the show on the road. That is when I found out my MeMe had not arrived yet. It wasn’t her fault – she was 87, wheelchair-bound and living in a nursing home. Due to all the signing out procedures, it often takes longer than you would expect breaking her out of that place.

She finally arrived, wearing the right dress (we had left instructions), but with a red bandana holding her paralyzed leg on the chair. After greeting her with a quick hug, I went to rip the bandana off her chair.

My mom: “Oh, Katie, stop! If you take it off, her leg will fall off going down the aisle!”

The preacher, who had joined all the commotion: “Never heard that one before.”

The ring drop

This is by far the most popular wedding memory. We got to the part in the ceremony where the preacher hands my ring to Brandon to place on my finger. (After Brandon had asked me 25 times in the days leading up to the wedding which finger he was supposed to put it on.)

Somewhere in the handoff, the ring was dropped, and everyone in the wedding party began scanning the ground for it:

From Photographer: Ceremony & Reception

And my sweet bridesmaids went from this:

From Photographer: Ceremony & Reception

To this:

From Photographer: Ceremony & Reception

Eventually, we found the ring, the ceremony moved on, and we became husband and wife. Obviously.

The entrance

The morning after the wedding, we headed back to my parents’ house to meet some friends and family, open gifts and chow down on leftover barbeque and cake. Right before we turned onto their road, Brandon pulled over to do a little wardrobe adjustment before we entered. He removed his t-shirt and replaced it with the suspenders from his tux, pinned to the cargo shorts he was wearing, added his bow tie, and put my Texas A&M (non-throwing) garter around his arm. Unfortunately, we didn’t think to take a picture, but I will forever have it etched in my mind. It might be my favorite part of the whole weekend. That, and the faces on some family members when we entered the house.

The lingerie x-ray

Two guy friends were on our flight back to Arizona. We took full advantage of this and found ways to check or carry-on wedding gifts that were left in Texas after my shower there and from the wedding. By the time we got everything lined out for the airport, all four of us had two checked items, a carry-on and a personal item.

We checked things like a vacuum cleaner and a full set of pots and pans. Since boys don’t travel with “personal items”, I supplied one of those for each of them as well, since I already had my travel bag with in-flight necessities. One of them was lucky enough to take a blender on board. Another, not so lucky one, and not my new husband, was handed a pink mini duffel bag filled with all the goodies from my lingerie shower.

As we approached the head of the security line, he leaned over and told me, “If they pick this bag to dig through, I’m just running away.”

The CD blunder

When we got to our gate with all the luggage, we met another couple there who had attended the wedding and were on our flight. We started talking about my MeMe being late, and the holdup with the whole shindig. The girl pipes up with something about how Sammy Kershaw got a little old during all that time.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, yeah. ‘Fit to be tied down’ played 15 times,” she said.

“Oh my goodness,” I said with a red face, “The player must have been on repeat – there were more songs on that CD.”

Slightly embarrassing, after the fact.

The drama

So, we touch ground, back in Arizona. No joke, we are walking down the runway (as in, not even really inside the airport yet), and my phone rings. It’s my sister-in-law, who had to stay an extra night with my parents due to a flight cancellation.

As soon as I answered the phone, she just starts saying to someone in the room with her (my dad, I later found out), “Do you want to tell her? You want me tell her? Are you sure? Okay, you don’t want to tell her?” …So I’m already thinking there are multiple fatalities in my family or something, right. The lip is already quivering.

And then she just drops this bomb:  “Morgan crushed his eye socket. He’s on his way to Texas Children’s.”

…Que the waterworks. Immediately. In the middle of Sky Harbor Airport.

She proceeded to tell me a little about the accident (another kid who had a role in our wedding accidentally caught his face on the back-swing of a golf club at his younger brother’s birthday party), but I didn’t hear or process any of it. I just had an image of my baby brother with a bloody hole in his head, blind for the rest of his life. (Although still scary, it was not that bad, by the way.)

In short, I absolutely lost it. Brandon had not a clue what to do with this new bride of his, blubbering like a baby halfway to baggage claim. I think I managed to give him the gist of what was going on.

Our two travel partners were just kind of looking at Brandon like, “Dude, what kind of emotionally unstable woman did you marry?”

Through my tears, I told Brandon, “I—I—I just wanna go baaa–aaack.”

At the time, he just continued to console me, but months later, I found out I had caused momentary panic, as where I meant “go back and check on things, make sure my baby brother is okay,” he thought I meant “go back to Texas for good and never leave my family’s side.”

And that pretty much concludes the wedding day drama…we left for our honeymoon the next day, after receiving reassurance on the condition of my brother, and everyone has lived happily ever after. So far.

Life has been just as full of mishaps and entertainment ever since.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.


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