The safety of the children

by Katie on June 13, 2011

A couple weeks ago, we took the boat to the car wash and unloaded all the gear either just inside the front door, or waiting to greet guests right outside. It’s all still where we left it. All 16 fishing poles leaning against a wall directly across from the front door.

We’re in high gear today for supper guests (a friend and her three-year-old firecracker of a daughter) tonight, then the arrival of my sister and our nephew tomorrow morning. For the week.

As Brandon was putting his boots on this morning, sitting on the bench right next to the fishing poles, he kind of nodded at them and said, “Do I have to move those?”

Me: “Well, we’re going to have a three-year-old running through our house tonight, and a very mobile almost-nine-month-old for a week after that. So unless you want your poles broken or chewed on, yes, you need to move them.”

Brandon: “I was kinda more thinking we didn’t want either of them to hook a lip or something.”

Me: “Oh. Yeah. That too.”

Brandon: “Hmmm. I would have thought that conversation would have gone the other way. Me worried about my poles getting broken, and you worried about the kids getting hooked. But no…I was the one concerned about the safety of the children.”

And with a puffed out chest, and haughtiness about him, he left for the day…concerned about the safety of the children.


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