Supper. With capital letters and formatting.

by Katie on June 20, 2011

We spent Sunday evening roasting a bunch of fresh green chili peppers on the grill. Since we were using the grill, Brandon was in charge. I was merely assisting. Because that’s how the grill works around here, lest anyone be injured or our house burn down.

He got hungry out there, so I went in to make him a salmon quesadilla for supper. While it was cooking, he added some of the freshly roasted peppers, hot off the grill.

Later, when his quesadilla was half-consumed, he said, “This may be the best salmon quesadilla I’ve ever eaten. Those chilies just take it to a whole new level. They turn it into a capital ‘S’, capital ‘Q’ Salmon Quesadilla. With an exclamation point. Maybe two. Bolded. And underlined.”

So the next time your supper needs capital letters, punctuation I don’t approve of (Only one exclamation point. Always.) or formatting, just add green chilies.


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