The new Brandon

by Katie on May 16, 2011

As is typical fashion for my husband, he has decided to abruptly change something about his likes/dislikes/behavior.

Supposedly, from now on, a “New Brandon” will inhabit our household. This so-called “New Brandon” will eat smaller portions at meal-time, not over-stuff his belly, eat only until he is satisfied.

Which is all well and good in theory. But did I really think it would be put into practice?

Not a chance.

Sunday night, the options for supper at our house were a) partake in the leftover smorgasbord b) make a sandwich or burrito with refrigerator findings. We needed to clean out a bit before the week started.

Brandon opted for a cheese crisp topped with cut-up leftover old-cow flank steak (we only dine on the highest cuts of beef around here [insert sarcasm]) and jalapeños. As he finished up his last bite of said cheese crisp, I began questioning him on what else we could put together for him. Surely this one cheese crisp would not satisfy the belly of a hard-working farmer boy.

But to my amazement, he declined, saying he was perfectly satisfied.

“Really?!” I questioned, “That’s all you’re going to eat?”

“Yes,” he replied, “This is the ‘New Brandon’ and the ‘New Brandon’ has had enough to eat.”

Now I’m just thinking the “New Brandon” needs to motivate a “New Katie” into existence.


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