Breakfast dessert

by Katie on April 6, 2011

On the days we aren’t both running out the door in a zombie-like state (induced by lack of sleep), we go through this little routine:

Katie:  “What do you want for breakfast?”

Brandon:  “What do we have?”

And I proceed to list every possible item in our house that could be construed as a breakfast food, including certain supper leftovers, which Brandon considers acceptable for breakfast (lasagna and enchiladas are prime examples).

It usually goes a little something like this:  “Biscuits, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, toaster strudel, cereal, oatmeal, burrito stuff, sausage patties and links, bacon, hashbrowns, I can make pancakes or waffles, english muffins, toast and eggs [even though he hasn’t willingly eaten eggs for three years],…” and on and on.

To which he usually has a response similar to this:  “No eggs, no cereal.”

Seriously. After that exhaustive list of options, he really only rules out one thing, since I already knew eggs weren’t an option.

And then we continue…

Katie:  “Come on, pick something. The toaster strudel are strawberry and cream cheese…Should we use ground sausage and make burritos, or sausage patties with biscuits?”

Brandon:  “None of that really sounds good.”

Katie:  “Fine. Oatmeal it is.”

Brandon:  “No, I don’t want that either. Let’s have cinnamon rolls.”

And that right there is an almost picture-perfect description of our early mornings, at least a couple days a week. For the past nearly-three years.

Anyway, all that was sort of a side story. We went through that process this morning, and the verdict ended up being hashbrowns and sausage to put in a burrito. Only he wanted sausage patties he could cut up in the burrito, rather than ground sausage. Don’t ask. He’s received raised eyebrows from me alone today, trust me.

So while I’m cooking the egg for my burrito, he comes in and says maybe we should have some orange sweet rolls too.

I look around at the monster skillet of hashbrowns amd eight sausage patties cooking, and wonder what on earth we’re going to do with orange rolls on top of all that (not that we were going to eat all of it today – if we make breakfast, especially burrito fixin’s, we make enough to save for a few days).

Katie:  “Really? You need orange rolls too?”

Brandon:  “Well, need probably isn’t the right word. But I could eat them for dessert.”

Katie:  “Dessert? For breakfast? You’re saying you need to have dessert with your breakfast?”

Brandon:  “What? ” Looking at me like I’m the crazy one, “It’s a meal, isn’t it?”


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