The dash of dining vs. the savoring of supper

by Katie on March 1, 2011

Sometime last week, we were okay, maybe it was just I, was engrossed in conversation over supper, when Brandon stopped me mid-sentence.

“Seriously?!” he exclaimed.

“What?” I asked, very confused, because I certainly was not discussing anything requiring that sort of reaction.

“Look at your plate,” he said, and so I did. “Now look at mine.”

This is the contrast he was referring to:

I apologize for the poor quality. Brandon insisted upon making the rest of my supper cold to take this picture, but refused to get an actual camera rather than his phone.

His:  gone, empty. Mine:  just getting started.

“Do I really eat that fast, or do you just eat that slow?” he asked.

“Both,” I replied, “And I’ve been talking.”

“Oh, I noticed,” he teased.

Really though, this is kind of an every evening ordeal here. Brandon finishes his supper in about 33.7 seconds, or when I’m on bite two, whether I’m being chatty or not. Then he has to sit at the table twiddling his thumbs until I finish. Which he just loves, trust me.

I tell him he should appreciate the fact that I take the time to actually taste my food because it’s better for my waistline to not inhale it. I think he would actually prefer a little extra midsection to sitting at the supper table every night though.


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