Just help me understand

by Katie on March 11, 2011

I mentioned how I received my wake up call at 3:30 yesterday morning.

I did not mention that upon entering the kitchen, I was greeted by trails of dirt clods to the sink, around the island, across the wood floor to the door, and over into the office.

I wasn’t bitter. I knew Brandon was changing water about every hour all night long. It was almost expected. What I did not expect, however, were the two big dirt clods next to the toaster oven, which I noticed as I poured my cup of coffee.

When Brandon arrived to hand off the duties and farm truck later, I decided that 3:45am, after he had been up all night, was not the time to confront him about the clods on our counter. And honestly, I was more in the “how-in-the-world-does-that-happen” frame of mind than “how-dare-you” but you never know how these things come across in the middle of night.

Later, when he was up for the day, and had a plate of food in his belly, I decided it was safe.

I approached it like this:  “Hey, so I noticed you left a lot of dirt around the kitchen last night, and I understand how it all got there, because that happens. But, there’s also two piles of dirt on the kitchen counter. Can you just explain to me how that happens — just help me understand how dirt gets on the counter?”

His response, with a blank expression:  “I changed the clock.”

I was still puzzled for a moment, wondering what changing a clock has to do with dirt from shoes getting on a counter, and I think I even began asking such a question, but stopped when I realized he has talking about the clock over the kitchen sink.”

“Oh. Okay. So you climbed onto our kitchen counter in muddy work boots to change the clock? I understand now. That makes sense. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”


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