Because three elk aren’t enough

by Katie on March 31, 2011

So, the great anticipation is over:  draw results for 2011 Arizona elk hunts were released a few days ago.

And Brandon’s luck finally ran out.

I guess he had just gotten used to drawing trophy hunt tags or something, because he seemed genuinely surprised at the realization he wasn’t going to have a tag this year. The rest of us normal folk, you know, the ones not graced with extreme luck the past two years, weren’t shocked at the no-tag news.

To make matters worse though, not only is our household without a single tag this year, so is most everyone we know. I dropped off hunting applications for eight people. Not a single person has a tag. In fact, we only know one person with a bull tag. And trust me, we put in some phone calls checking around.

What this means is, not only do we not get to bring home a dead animal, we also do not get to go on an elk hunt at all. Which is the real bummer.

After the news had a chance to really sink in with Brandon, he mentioned that maybe next year we should put a cow hunt a my third hunt choice, just to get some meat in the freezer.

“Um, how about we polish off the three elk currently in our freezer before we go wasting my bonus points on a cow tag?” I suggested.

I mean, really. Elk is included in my meal plan at minimum once a week, we’ve given a ton away, and we still have two freezers chock full.

I’d say we’re doing okay in the elk meat department.

And I can guarantee you we won’t be putting a cow hunt as Brandon’s third choice – meat in the freezer or not.

No way am I taking this one for the team.


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