Who does that?

by Katie on February 11, 2011

We recently had the unfortunate experience of some good friends losing a very close family member, much too young, after a long, tough battle with cancer.

The next day, we went over to visit and take them a couple meals.

At some point during all of our conversation, the whole “Leisters don’t have a TV” thing came up. This is when they remembered they had a TV sitting in the garage, unused. They offered it to us to enjoy until they might have a use for it again. We graciously accepted. Mostly to watch hunting movies. The guys loaded it up right away and we went about our evening.

As we were leaving, we were both caught up in our thoughts about how awful we felt about what they were going through. We drove the first five miles or so from their house in silence, until Brandon finally said, “So, we just went over there with a condolence meal and to offer our support. And we left with a free TV. Who does that?”


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