Is it because I’m thirty?

by Katie on February 4, 2011

I already mentioned how Brandon is blaming everything these days on the fact he is now three decades in age.

Well, just this past week, he had an awful shoulder-neck muscle ache thing going on. After days of applying muscle rub, getting the area rubbed down by his caring wife, and somewhat taking it easy, the pain hadn’t subsided at all.

On what was probably Day Four of this situation, he woke up still in pain when he moved.

“That’s still bothering you?” I asked. Partially because I care about his physical condition; partially because I no longer wanted to begin my day smelling like muscle rub.

“Yeah…” he whined out.

“What’s going on with this thing? Why hasn’t it gone away yet?” I questioned.

That’s when he looked up at me, with really sad eyes, and kind of whimpered, “Is it because I’m thirty?”

“I don’t know. My dad said forty was when everything went downhill,” I replied.

“Crap. I may not make it to that then.”


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