Finally, I’m rubbing off on him

by Katie on February 5, 2011

Last weekend, we were spending time with some friends, and met another friend of theirs for the first time. About halfway through the evening, Brandon asked her, “You’re not from around here, are you?”

Because, well, it was pretty obvious.

“No,” she said.

“I didn’t think so,” he replied, “Not talking like that. You’ve gotta be from up north somewhere. Wisconsin?”

I think it was actually Michigan, but he was right. Somewhere up there.

So then, the whole accent discussion got started. She couldn’t tell I was from Texas, which made me sad, but something I’m getting used to hearing.

But that’s when these friends who have known Brandon for at least a dozen years started really ragging on him, saying things like, “Okay, Big Tex,” “You sound like a backwoods redneck these days,” “Texas definitely rubbed off on you,” and quoting words he was spitting out, which, admittedly, did have a familiar dialect to them.

In fact, I had just told him about two days before this that he had sounded exactly like someone in my family with some phrase he said.

And all this makes me very proud. Because if I’m losing my accent, at least someone in our house might be keeping the spirit of Texas alive.


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