Because we have zero self mercy

by Katie on February 3, 2011

While the rest of the northern hemisphere has been experiencing winter, our part of the desert has been enjoying vacation weather. Clear, sunny skies. Seventy degree temperatures. Light breezes. Sundresses and picnics.

Sure, we had a short bout with Old Man Winter early on, got two night freezes out of the way, and it’s been spring ever since.

On the farm, we have some grain and new alfalfa in the ground that we have to worry about keeping hydrated and fertilized.

Now, you would think we would have been smart and prepared and conscientious of the weather. I mean, we’re farmers. We check the forecast 17 times a day. We know what’s going on.

Which means we should have done our irrigating during the 70 degree days and 50 degree nights, right? Since we have to brave the wind and cold every two to three hours to dip our hands into ice water in the irrigation ditch.

But no.

Not us.

Not on Rocker 7 Farms.

The icy,  25mph winds were so unfavorable during the day yesterday that our employee asked if he could quit early. We obliged. Because we have mercy on others.

But all throughout the night, with 19mph wind and 23 degree temps, it was us out on the ditch bank. Because we have no mercy on ourselves.


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