Because that’s what I do

by Katie on February 9, 2011

Last week, we had were privileged enough to spend several (freezing) evenings changing irrigation water overnight.

My husband was a saint and gave me the much better (and less scary) end of the deal. I took anything that fell within the hours of 8 to 10:30pm and 3:30 to 5am. He took the two changes that fell in between those time frames. Which led to one very grateful and happy wife. Which, in turn, led to one happy husband.

To show my appreciation one morning, I stopped by the grocery store after my 4am water change (I may have had to swing by to refuel the farm truck anyway, but this was really all about my caring nature) and selected a few fresh donuts.

In case you don’t know, Brandon probably considers donuts a food group. He loves them. Would eat them every day if he had the opportunity.

And eat them he did. Within 30 seconds of waking up that morning, he had already consumed one giant cinnamon twist. Only one hour later, he made his way to the box to claim his fourth and final donut. Yes, fourth. How the man did not have a belly ache I do not know.

As he opened the box, he proudly announced, “I’m going to eat my last donut now. Because that’s what I do.”

And happily made his way out the door…because that’s what he does, I guess…


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