On disposing of dead things

by Katie on January 25, 2011

So, our dog likes to kill things, right? And then brag about it by prancing around with them or leaving them at the front door. Eventually, though, these things have to be disposed of. Typically, I require Brandon to complete this task, because, well, I just do.

I’m realizing I may need to begin hiring out for this job though.

There was The Cat. Which he “disposed of” in a place where I witnessed birds pecking at it hours later.

Then there was The Rooster. Which he “disposed of” in the irrigation ditch right across the street from our house.

Now, I’ll let you take a guess as to how long it took Wilbur, our hound dog (known for their nose), to find something dead ten feet from the fence he runs every day.

And so The Rooster soon reappeared. This time, in pieces. It seemed as if every time we opened the front door, there was a new rooster part there, like a collection.

A few days went by, and Brandon made some sort of comment about the feathers and bones that kept reappearing (after I would sweep them away). I asked if he really thought a hound dog wouldn’t find the dead rooster, which he had merely swung across the street, rather than hauling off somewhere.

“Well, …well, …he shouldn’t be crossing the street anyway. He should know better.”

I agree.

He should.

But I believe the scent of rotten rooster would called him across the street even if he had worn his shock collar that day.

Of course, that’s just a hunch.

So, any takers on the Dead Animal Dumper job opening at Rocker 7 Farms?


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