“I’m 30 now.”

by Katie on January 20, 2011

This is Brandon’s new mantra.

Oddly, though, it began about two weeks before he actually turned 30.

If he slept a few minutes late and I commented on it, his response was, “I’m thirty now.”

If he was decidedly more fatigued on what seemed to be a normal workday, and I questioned the reasoning behind it, his answer was, “I’m thirty now.”

Even if I simply inquired as to why he felt a different way about something or used a different method to complete a routine task, his explanation was, “I’m thirty now.”

Just a few days after his birthday, he spent all day with one of our employees moving, starting, shutting off (repeat times about 45) irrigation pipes. Just a couple hours into the day, he called to see if I could purchase a back brace for each of them to provide support during this labor intensive task. So I did. And thought nothing of it. I mean, it really was back-breaking work they were doing that day. I’ve started enough pipes to realize that.

But the next morning, when he headed out for a “normal” day (i.e. not severe back-straining physical labor), he added the back brace to his regular farmer attire. When he came in for breakfast, I asked what he had planned for the day, wearing such a contraption when it was not required.

“Well, I’m a little sore from yesterday. It feels good.”


“Yes, really. I’m thirty now.”

So I suppose I’m the only young, able-bodied member of this household these days. Good thing I’m strong enough to do some heavy lifting.


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