He of little faith

by Katie on January 6, 2011

Due to a big fitness commitment I made to Brandon’s sister about three months ago, which I have gotten extremely behind on in preparing for, I’m placing myself in bootcamp for the next two weeks. Just a self-appointed and dictated one, not one of those actual “bootcamp” classes.

I decided I should probably adjust my diet a bit during this time as well to further improve the results. You know, a few simple rules like no sipping on a longneck with supper, no greasy sausage burritos for breakfast and keeping my hand out of the cookie jar. Nothing drastic.

So, Monday night, I announced my plan to Brandon for a bit of accountability. And what did he do?

He laughed at me. Said, “Ha! Yeah, right!” Then laughed some more.

“Hey, I said I was going to alter my diet, not go on a diet.”

“Yeah, nice try, Dear. Not going to happen.”

Apparently he is very familiar with my relationship with not-super-healthy food. We have a mutual fondness for each other. It’s not sweets I have a problem with. Just the wholesome, comforting, down-home, good cookin’.

So far, breakfast has been fine. I eat my boiled egg with a slice of 100% whole wheat, no high fructose corn syrup added, toast. And then I make Brandon a monster burrito.

But the whole “no-having-a-beer-with-supper” thing? Brandon made me break that rule within 20 minutes. Since I had just stated that rule for myself as we were sitting down for supper, he grabbed a cold one from the fridge. My personal favorite we have in stock right now, might I add.

“You’re just doing that so you can drink it in front of me, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Uhh…partially. I kind of wanted one, but I did think it would be funny to drink your favorite in front of you even though my favorite is in there too.” [Both of these “favorites” were brewed in Texas. Important sidenote.]

And then, after he had only finished half the bottle, he announced he really wasn’t “feeling it” this evening, and planned to pour the second half down the drain. Half a bottle of my favorite adult beverage. Just washed down the sink.

Then he glanced over at me, and with a devil eye, said, “Unless you want to drink it, of course…? I mean, it is going to go to waste. I’m just going to pour it out…”

And, we’ll blame it on my frugal nature, not my thirst, but I took that half-bottle and enjoyed it while I did the evening’s dishes.

And now I know why he had little faith in any sort of diet altering I planned to accomplish.

Especially since I made three-cheese manicotti for supper last night. I did forgo the buttery garlic bread. But I usually do without that anyway, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count. Oh well.

I think this is a good lesson for me to never give myself a reason to diet, though. Clearly, I couldn’t hack it.


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