Enough already

by Katie on January 4, 2011

A mere two months ago, I was complaining about 90 degree days.

Today, after four straight nights in the low 30s, three of them resulting in a light freeze, I’m almost ready to welcome back that 90 degrees with open arms.

It’s been so cold that the barley we planted right before leaving for Texas hasn’t made it out of the ground yet, despite two one-inch rains, timed perfectly at a week apart, soaking into the ground. Not good.

But the worst part of that news?

We may have to irrigate it. Not because it necessarily needs the water. Just because it will warm up the ground and hopefully let all the baby barley pop through.

It’s not really the simple fact of irrigating that’s giving me trouble. Not that it hasn’t been nice to pretty much sleep through the night for three solid months (with only one or two exceptions). It’s just that, well, it’s still going to be 30-something degrees at night when we’re doing this.

So not only do we have to drag ourselves out of bed every couple of hours throughout the night, but we have to do it knowing it’s ice cold outside. Not the best combination. Not something this warm-weather girl is looking forward to.

But I suppose it is one of the laundry list of seemingly unpleasant tasks I signed up for when I agreed to wear a little band of gold.

I will admit it is quite worth it.

Most days, anyway.


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