Just another day on the farm

by Katie on December 14, 2010

We’re smack dab in the middle of crazy on the farm right now. Every piece of equipment and every person has about three jobs to their respective name at any given time.

Phrases Brandon and I have used frequently are things like, “Get in line,” and “Add it to the list.”

And, wouldn’t you know, that the times you most need everything to work properly and go your way…are the times when you’re most likely to encounter the biggest problems.

We’re desperately trying to get our wheat and new alfalfa in the ground, irrigated and possibly irrigated again before the holidays. Along with trying to beat a chance of rain that’s looming in just a couple days.

So far, we have ripped and spilled a 1500 pound bag of barley seed we were trying to move to get to the wheat seed, blown out and replaced a tire on the backhoe, had the tractor running the grain drill completely break down, waited an extra three days on parts to arrive in the mail, had to take time we didn’t have to repair two water leaks to cattle troughs, shattered a tractor door after spending two days working on said tractor in the shop and finally having it ready to roll, lost the spout for the grain tender to fill the grain drill, and hosts of other minor disasters.

But the sun’s still shining and the tractors are still moving.

Well, except one. For now.

One things for sure. We’re still farming.


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