An argument for cutting the hair already

by Katie on December 7, 2010

Yes, we are still debating the hair. Not debating, really. Just standing our respective ground.

This summer, I told Brandon I just wanted my family to see it so long, and as soon as they did, I would take some scissors to it.

Well, they’ve seen it twice now.

Now, the stall factor is due to the fact that I always wanted to donate my hair. But way back in high school, I realized I could “never” have mine long enough to do that, so I talked my sister into chopping off her locks (which were already long enough) instead. So, the day we got back from Texas in October (when I was supposed to be headed to the nearest discount salon), I took a ruler to my scalp instead. And realized I only needed another inch or two to be able to donate the mess on my head and still have a little left for myself afterward. So close.

That night, Brandon arrived home and immediately noticed a still had a long ponytail.

“Uh, I thought you were going to cut your hair today,” he said.

“Well, about that…” I began, “I was going to. But I have a deal for you instead. If you let me grow it another two inches so I can donate it, I’ll never let it get past the top of my shoulders again.” …Which in all honesty, probably wouldn’t happen anyway, so I really wasn’t giving up anything.

But he agreed. So that’s where we stand right now.

I realized yesterday, however, that Brandon is either trying to fully convince me this is a bad idea, or make the remainder of my long-hair days as miserable as possible.

I went out to help him load alfalfa seed in his truck to take to the planter yesterday afternoon. On about Bag Number Six that I was handing up to him to stack, he reached down to grab it on either side.

And caught the hair hanging in front of my shoulders. On both sides.

And didn’t notice until my screams were echoing under the barn as he was turning and tossing the bag onto the stack.

Ouch. Is all I’m going to say. Oh, and that I may very well have a receding hair line on both sides of my face now.

He apologized then, and again last night after he got home, claiming it was an accident, that he had no idea, and so on.

But part of me just can’t help but wonder…


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