Two days in a row?

by Katie on November 3, 2010

So, yesterday I talked about how I was wrong.

Well, it happened again. That very same day. (I know, crazy.)

Mid-afternoon, Brandon called:  “Hey, just a reminder you have water coming at five.”

Me, rolling my eyes:  “Yeah. I know.”

Him:  “Well, you might want to go set it up now while you’re thinking about it so you don’t get busy and forget.”

Ha! Me, forget? Yeah, right. Totally a Brandon thing to do. Katie? Never!

Me, dramatically rolling my eyes now, severely annoyed we’re having this conversation:  “O-kay…”

So you can probably guess that I did not go set up the ditch then. Partially because I was busy, but also partially because I was going to show him. I didn’t need to prepare in advance for things like that. I am on top of my irrigating game. I was going to walk out the door at 4:45 on the dot, beat my water by ten minutes, and have it ready to go. Without doing anything Brandon suggested.

And so, I went about my afternoon, and got wrapped up in other tasks. I completed the big project I was working on around 4:40, and decided it was a good time to go for a run. So I got geared up for that, and hit the road around 4:50.

About halfway down the street, I noticed water running down the ditch. There are only four people who use this ditch. This thought actually crossed my mind:  “I wonder who has water running?”

I started thinking about how the people below us had just shut off their water the day before. Looked ahead to the field above us, which still had raked hay sitting in it.

And then, about the time I was nearing the end of our part of the ditch, a light bulb went off:  this was my water! I wheeled around, opened our first ports, and sprinted back to get a vehicle to carry our ditch checks in.

Thank goodness, the water had only been running for five to ten minutes, and it was still before 5pm, so my mistake hadn’t encroached on any of the time we were actually paying for the water.

Once I got it all going, I started out on my run again, and laughed for a good quarter-mile at my second bout with arrogance and defying my husband. And where it had landed me.

Boy, am I being humbled this week…

Brandon actually has no idea this happened, so reading this will be a real treat for him.


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