The most important thing

by Katie on November 4, 2010

See this right here?

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing

Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing

Well, according to Brandon, it is the most important thing in our fridge.

Above tortillas, even.

In fact, we buy it in the largest size available, and keep one in the fridge, along with a “spare” in the pantry at all times, just to make sure we never run out.

And don’t even think about trying a different brand. Must. Be. Hidden. Valley. Any other ranch just wouldn’t do.

I just started eating ranch dressing in the last year or so, so I don’t really get it. But apparently it’s a big deal to ranch lovers like Brandon.

Just wanted to share, that’s all. Because I don’t really understand how salad dressing (even if you eat it on everything known to man) can be the most important item in an entire refrigerator.

Maybe it’s just me…


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