Cutting corners

by Katie on November 15, 2010

Here about a month ago, I noticed Brandon began sitting in a different seat at the dinner table.

[I produced Figure A, below, with the respective seats labeled, to provide a visual. Keep this in mind as a frame of reference for the general location of these chairs. Figure A was captured from the exact corner that must be rounded when bringing a plate of food from the kitchen to the table.]

Figure A

When this behavior continued over the course of a couple weeks, I questioned Brandon as to why he had selected a new seat at the dinner table.

“It’s easier,” he said. “And closer.”

Now, please refer back to Figure A. And tell me you’re as baffled as I was.

I argued that while The New Seat reduced the number of steps forward by one, it also added one step to the left, therefore creating a null effect on the effort involved to reach each seat.

In response, he said, “No, it for sure takes less steps because I can’t round that corner tight, so when I sat in The Old Seat I always had to take extra steps back to the right. Now it’s a direct shot, a perfect angle from the corner.”

Who knew an extra step or two could make such a difference? Or that it was necessary to round corners tightly in a dining area?

All I know is, now I sit at the head of the table.


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