Behind closed doors…

by Katie on November 16, 2010

We are not that cool. At all. And I have legitimate proof, all wrapped up in actual conversation that took place while we were hunting last week.

So, there we were. Sitting on the biggest, highest rocks on the top of the almost-tallest mountain. Because that’s the only place you glass from when you’re hunting and hiking with Brandon Leister.

We hadn’t seen much that day, and I guess it was wearing on us.

Brandon breaks the silence by saying, “If I were a coues deer, no one would ever find me.”

“Oh really?” I asked. “Can I add that to the Brandon Leister Book of Quotations?”

Because really. If he were a coues deer?

A while later, after more random conversation about deer and elk and their patterns of behavior, specifically related to rutting and reproduction, I had my own turn.

Me:  “What if humans only had one season of lovin’ too? And we were all born at the same time?”

Brandon:  “Um, can I add that to the Katie Leister Book of Quotations?”

Let’s just say it’s in all of our best interest for either of those books to never actually make it to print.


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