Bake: verb, adjective or noun?

by Katie on November 18, 2010

We recently discovered the glory that is cooking a whole chicken in the crockpot around here. Relatively inexpensive, easy and the bones are the only thing that go in the trash, once we shred all the meat, make homemade chicken stock and feed the skin, organs and leftover pieces to the dogs.

One of the things I made this week with our chicken is a recipe called Chicken Taco Bake. After the shredded chicken, everything else comes from a can, and you pop it in the oven. Excellent for something quick, tasty and freezable.

Brandon really liked it.

But he HATED the name. Like, didn’t want me to say it he hated it so much.

He claimed it should be Baked Chicken Taco.

I tried to explain that lots of casseroles and similar oven dishes were often called “something-something Bake,” but he wasn’t buying it. He said they were all wrong too.

He claims that “bake” is a verb, and “baked” is an adjective. Which is true. I just didn’t know recipe names couldn’t defy the rules a bit. Lord knows Brandon does on a much grander scale every day. This one just seemed to really bother him.

“You just can’t use ‘bake’ as a noun like it’s all proper and a name for something, when it’s a verb. A verb!”

Anyway, it really threw him off. Still does. In fact, I’ve been told that I can’t make it again unless I change the name. And no longer refer to any casserole dish as “Such-and-such” Bake.



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