What I really want to do for a living

by Katie on October 28, 2010

Yesterday was a big day at the Leister house.

I went for a regular grocery run at Fry’s, and the last item on my list was ice cream. When I arrived at the Blue Bell section, there were yellow sale stickers, indicating that both brown and gold rim flavors were only $3.99.

$3.99! A solid $2.50 worth of savings. (Yes, we know the price we pay for ice cream is ridiculous. But it’s worth it to us.)

But, the section looked like it had already been wiped out, and the remaining flavors didn’t offer much of a selection. I called Brandon to tell him the good news, and get his opinion on which two to purchase. I mean, we couldn’t get just one. Not at this price.

So we made a decision, and I walked away.

Then I turned the corner.

And I saw where all the good flavors went. The end cap.

I quickly replaced our second string selections with more exclusive flavors, and merrily made my way to the checkout.

When I arrived home and unveiled the surprise flavors, Brandon was pleased at first, then inquired as to why I wasted his time calling when I didn’t buy either of the choices we discussed.

“Well, I found all the good ones on the end cap after I talked to you. And I thought about calling again, but figured you wouldn’t be very happy if I called you twice about ice cream while you were working on our invoices.”

He agreed that this was a good decision.

Anyway, the flavor I selected for him was Caramel Sundae Crunch. It just sounded like a Brandon food, and we’d never had it before.

He dug in to the new carton with a spoon.

“Soooo? How is it?” I asked.

“Let’s just say you better enjoy that Pistachio Almond over there,” he said, indicating he would be eating all the Caramel Sundae Crunch.

“Well what’s in it?”

“Oh, just about 1000 calories in every bite, with 50 grams of fat on the side. Things that would make Katie Leister gain 20 pounds just looking at them. So I guess you better stay away from it.”

And he proceeded to eat the ice cream “down to something manageable, to make sure the lid would fit back on.”

With a mouthful of Blue Bell goodness, he eventually said, “You know what I really want to do for a living?”

Me, expecting him to say something that was a tangent of our current farming operation: “What’s that?”

“Be a taste tester for Blue Bell. I mean really, can you imagine how fun their R&D department would be?”

Hey, at least we’d be in Texas if Brandon followed his new dream career path.


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