Weathering farming

by Katie on October 30, 2010

I really think one of the most frustrating parts of farming is not being able to be happy about good weather. Or what I think is good weather anyway.

Take the rain. I used to love the rain. Love it. It was the perfect time to accomplish a million things indoors, curl up with a good book, drink hot tea or cocoa, depending upon the time of year, and the list goes on. Not to mention there is nothing better than listening to the sounds of a good thunderstorm.

But now that we’re farming?

I have to hate the rain. Wish it away. Say things like, “We’d be better off if it just never rained.”

Now, I know you Texas folks are a little confused right now. Rain is a good thing for farmers, right? There, yes. Here, not so much. We have to irrigate everything anyway, and it’s pretty rare to get a rain good enough to save an irrigation, so it doesn’t even help all that much.

And when the largest part of your business is growing and marketing hay &mdash to high-end markets &mdash any rain from February through November usually means an income loss. Which is no fun.

But the real kicker came just a few days ago. We had enjoyed several days of cooler temperatures, which was a welcome break from the 100 degree early October days. Then I heard the forecast for the weekend. 95 degrees.

So, over supper, I sadly said to Brandon, “So I guess summer’s coming back, huh?”

“Heck no. It’s fall from here on out, Baby!”

“What? Did you not hear the high this weekend?”

“Yeah, it’s 95! That’s not summer! It’s a high of 95 in the middle of the day, and it’s still going to be 60 at night.”

I’m sorry, but anything over 90 is summer in my book. And then he had to go and add this to his argument:

“Plus, it’s good for the alfalfa and the cotton.”

Of course it is.

Why can’t crops appreciate good weather?


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