Really, it’s all about me

by Katie on October 19, 2010

I recently made one of those “Life Lists.” You know, where you list a whole bunch of things you want to learn, accomplish or do before the good Lord calls you home.

Included in that list is learning how to sew.

I’m talking basic here, y’all.

Like, I just want to be able to replace a button on a work shirt in less than a half hour, make a straight hem, and a couple other simple things (that I also have in a list).

I told Brandon I was going to get serious about checking this item off my list soon. And he was really supportive.

Overly supportive, even.

He kept bringing it up, encouraging me to take some time off to dedicate to this task, and get hooked up with someone who could teach me.

After a couple weeks of this, I asked him, “Why are you being so encouraging about this? It’s not like you’ve ever said to me, ‘You should learn how to sew,’ or anything before. But ever since I mentioned I wanted to learn, you’ve been all about it.”

“No, I never did say anything like that. I’d never even thought about it really. But since you brought it up, I’ve just been thinking about all the ways I could benefit from it. I see a lot of benefit to myself coming from that.”

Which cleared things up right away…


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