I spoke too soon.

by Katie on October 16, 2010

So, I mentioned those facial bee stings Brandon got the other day?

Well, they did end up causing some concern.

By the next morning, his face resembled something like this:

Notice the redness in the eye area, and puffiness in the forehead region.

By Day Two, the slight puffiness had morphed his face into something akin to the Dough Boy.

I make my case:

The entire upper half of his face looked as if it had been stuffed with marshmallows.

And then, on Day Three, the swelling left the eye region, and worked it’s way into the cheek, nose and chin area.

In fact, I checked his breathing while he was napping that day.

Luckily, within two hours that evening, the swelling had subsided and his face was returning to normal.

And now I have no reason to keep him doped up on Benadryl any longer.

Anyway, turns out facial bee stings have a delayed reaction. Although I’m partially convinced this reaction developed just because I made light of his pain.


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