Good cattlemen. That’s us.

by Katie on October 13, 2010

We booked a fall visit to Texas last week that fit pretty much perfectly with the farm schedule.

We just kind of forgot about the Rocker 7 Ranches part of the equation.

As previously mentioned, we have several cows approaching their expected calving date. Including every single one of our first-calf heifers.

So the day after I booked our flights, I put together a calving worksheet to give us an idea of which ones we really needed to be watching, which ones would indeed have an AI calf, etc.

As I was going through this list, bolding all the calving dates that corresponded with their AI breeding, I realized we had quite a bit of a problem.

“Uh-oh…” I said, “Uh, Brandon, we messed up. Big time.”

Because those heifers I mentioned? The ones we really need to keep an eye on the next few weeks? The only ones likely to need some sort of assistance in getting a calf on the ground?

Yeah, well, …they’re all “due” the first three days of our trip.

So we don’t need anyone to change irrigation water while we’re gone, but we might need someone to pull a calf for us. You know, the kind of job anyone would love to do.

Can you say poor planning on our part?

But really, if we took every single aspect of our operation into consideration before we both abandoned it for a few days? We’d never get to Texas.

Maybe we’ll get lucky, and they’ll all calve a few days early…


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