Don’t mess with Texas…women

by Katie on October 26, 2010

While we were in Texas,we had the task pleasure of helping Mason get four heifers in and out of the show ring. While we were getting the next one lined up in the holding area for him, the gentleman in charge of that came over and gave me a big old hug, and asked if, “that old boy I married” was “treatin’ me right.”

Of course, I told him yes, and then he asked me to point him out in the crowd of people milling about next to the show ring. And so I did.

I’ve probably known this man close to 15 years. I grew up showing and playing volleyball against his kids.

The next thing I knew, he was shouting at Brandon over two Brahman cows. Brandon, caught completely off guard, assumed this man he’d never met before must be hollering at someone behind him, so he’s looking over his shoulder, kind of in a panic, until he realized everyone else standing around was looking at him.

Which probably didn’t build up his credibility much with this guy who was questioning his character.

Finally, the Texan was able to ask him all he really wanted to know, “You treatin’ this girl here right?”

Brandon, not knowing the seriousness of the question, tried making a joke back, by saying something like, “Well, yes sir, I’m doing my best to keep up with her – it’s kinda hard.”

Not what the man wanted to hear.

“Well, I hear that, but you’re takin’ care of ‘er, right? Treatin’ ‘er good?”

To which Brandon stammered through a response with more than ten pair of eyes on him, all ready to pounce if he said the wrong thing.

Later, I properly introduced the two of them, and the conversation was ended by the Texan saying, “Well, you just make sure you take care o’ this one. Or me and her daddy might not be so nice.”

So, yeah, don’t mess with Texas women. It makes big, protective Texas men very angry.


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