An addendum

by Katie on October 29, 2010

Brandon had missed out on reading about the things that happened in our lives for a few days, and caught up Wednesday night.

He was reading this story (the one where the good Texan man was making sure I was being treated properly), when he let out with this exclamation:  “Whoa, whoa, whoa! You gotta update this!”

“What are you talking about? I portrayed that accurately.”

“No. When he first started talking, I thought he was talking about the heifer. That’s why I didn’t know what to say.”


“Yeah, you were holding the heifer in front of me, and we’d been getting her ready for the show, so I thought he was asking me if I’d been taking good care of the heifer.”

So, basically, not only did my husband not answer the man with an enthusiastic “Yes, sir,” but he mistook me for a cow.

At least the lost look on his face can be explained now.


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