You weren’t born for this

by Katie on September 30, 2010

2010 has marked a year of major home improvement for us. Some of it we elected to do (finally finishing out the bird habitat hole in our house that was supposed to be the master bathroom). Some of it we were forced to do (wood floor replacement after a plumbing leak).

And some of it was purely cosmetic, didn’t need to be done at all (red wall in our kitchen that I love), and was purely the result of me growing a wild hair one day, getting bored while Brandon was out of town, or adding a project on top of a million other things I had going on because when I’m busy, I feel like I need to be BUSY.

As Brandon said upon entering our home and finding our kitchen island freshly painted red, “It looks really good. Really good. I’m just not sure it’s what I would have done with my time if I had a list like yours.”

Anyway, all that to say, we’ve done some major work around here this year.

The previously mentioned plumbing leak, which caused us to replace our entire wood floor area, also left a giant hole behind the toilet in our hallway bathroom. When Brandon got in there to repair the leak, soggy drywall began falling out by the handful. So after he finished with all that, it was my job to paint.

Instead of having a big spot behind the toilet that was a different color from the rest of the room (like Brandon found perfectly acceptable, mind you), I planned to repaint the whole room. It wasn’t that big, and I certainly didn’t want a multi-colored bathroom, even if it was just varying shades of white.

I found a partial can of dark tan we had used in the master bathroom, and we had a giant bucket of white paint that had been used elsewhere. I knew Brandon thought the dark tan was too dark, and there wasn’t much of it, so I decided to blend the two.

I was pretty pleased with myself when the resulting color was exactly what I was going for. Although it didn’t cross my mind to test it on the actual wall before I painted the whole room.

After watching me paint for a few minutes, Brandon said, “You weren’t born for this, were you?”

“No, I wasn’t. My mom could have told you that ten years ago after she kicked me out of a painting project in our bathroom at home. But I’m doing it, aren’t I? Because it needs to be done and no way are you going to do it.”

“Yeah, you’re right about that. But Katie, um…you’re mixing your own paint. Don’t you think that’s a little dangerous, when you admit you weren’t born to do this kind of work?”

“Dangerous? I thought it was genius. It looks like the perfect color in the can.”

But now, a couple months later? We both think our new “tan” bathroom has a slightly “pinkish” tint. Looks like I’m going to be buying paint after all.


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