Words I never thought I would hear my husband say

by Katie on September 2, 2010

So. We’re adding on to our house right now. Well, demolishing a corner and starting over anyway. It will be an entirely new space, but doesn’t add to the foundation, if that makes sense.

Once the crew got started, we quickly realized we each had entirely different visions for this room.

Mine was one of a well-organized laundry room with plentiful, yet discreet, storage for our abundance of hunting/camping/outdoors gear.

Brandon’s, in stark contrast, seemed to be a place with open shelves to haphazardly stash/stack/pile our gear, and oh yeah, maybe a place to plug in a washing machine. Between the cots and the coolers.

Needless to say, move-in day for this room might be a little interesting.

We spent quite a while just walking around in the new space this afternoon, disagreeing talking about all the things we planned to do with it.

At some point, Dixie came running up, tongue hanging out, begging for some attention. Brandon looked at me and said, “Yeah, and during the winter when it’s really cold out, or when it’s really stormy, we can let the dogs in here.”

Yes he did.*

This comment caught me totally off guard, but I managed to drag out a, “Yeah, …maybe…so…”

Brandon, taking the hint, offered up an “Or not?”

Wise man, I tell you. Wise man.

*This comes after both of us practically signed a “No animals in the house. Ever. Period. The end. Amen.” oath before getting married. We had what I thought was a mutual feeling on the subject.


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